Fall 2019 Storage

You complete me:
What is HPE Complete?

A couple of months ago, I did a Chalk Talk that gave a description of the HPE Complete program. The HPE Complete program resells best-in-class third party branded products that complement and complete HPE native solutions. When something is worth my time to do a Chalk Talk, I try to also do a blog post on the topic. I just updated the Chalk Talk with a few new partners in the Complete program so now’s a great time to highlight the program. 

The Chalk Talk is three minutes so instead of writing about what is in the Chalk Talk, take a few minutes to watch it now.

Who are the HPE Complete partners?

In the Chalk Talk, there’s a scene that shows who the current HPE Complete partners are but I wanted to list how they are and what they do.  Here are who they are with a general categorization of their focus.

Block Storage

  • Datera delivers software-based, high-performance data automation, providing no-touch operations for the most demanding enterprise applications and databases on Containers, VMs and bare metal
  • Hedvig (a Pathfinder Company) delivers modern, multi-protocol (file/block/object) software-defined storage with support for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud architectures
  • CTERA enables customers to deploy the full range of enterprise file services from edge to cloud, leveraging HPE software-defined and cloud solutions

Data Protection Replication, Migration and Virtualization

  • Commvault Software delivers a world-class data protection platform that enables customers to utilize, protect, and move data across on-premises and the cloud
  • Komprise helps organizations with growing unstructured data who need visibility and intelligent automation to transparently manage cold data
  • Zerto Virtual Replication, combined with HPE Storage systems, delivers aggressive service levels without leveraging synchronous replication
  • iTernity archiving solution minimizes risks and simplifies compliance with cost effective data protection in virtual, cloud, and physical environments
  • Cohesity (a Pathfinder Company) and HPE simplify data protection with a unified solution. Converge all your backup infrastructure on one web-scale platform
  • Smartoptics xWDM solutions provide simple, cost effective connectivity between geographically separated sites for 16/8G Fibre Channel Traffic
  • Carbonite Availability provides protection from data loss and downtime, easily migrating physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads
  • NVIDIA Virtual GPU technology extends the power of NVIDIA GPUs to anyone in an organization, centralizing apps and data with virtual workspaces

Data Management, Insight and Analytics

  • Arxscan Arxview provides end-to-end storage monitoring, metrics, and reporting with visibility into the environment for day-to-day and planning operations
  • Chef (a Pathfinder Company) provides an automation platform that enables enterprises to automate infrastructure, compliance, and applications
  • ThoughtSpot (a Pathfinder Company) provides a Relational Search Engine which understands relationships across disparate enterprise data sources and returns instant results from billions of rows of data
  • Tamr (a Pathfinder Company) helps businesses accelerate, scale and analyze data-driven projects with automated unification of data sets across multiple systems or data silos
  • CloudGenera simplifies digital transformation and ongoing optimization of your business’s right mix of on-premises and off-premises suppliers


  • Cyberinc offers a browser isolation solution – ISLA, powered by HPE hardware – that enables fully secure browsing, reduces attack surface by up to 70%, and boosts productivity
  • Shape (a Pathfinder Company) provides a comprehensive service solution that stops automated attacks, giving 24/7 protection from current and continuously evolving attacks
  • SafeBreach (a Pathfinder Company) simulates attacks across the kill chain to validate security policy, configuration, and effectiveness with no destructive impact or data risk
  • Synack (a Pathfinder Company) provides controlled access to a private set of ethical hackers to perform continuous risk analysis of your enterprise infrastructure

Getting more

There’s more on the HPE Complete page on hpe.com. You can find it at hpe.com/storage/HPEComplete. You’ll find a brochure for the program on that page.  If you scroll down the page, you’ll see the category of Complete partners listed starting with Block Storage. Don’t miss that on the left hand side, you can select which partner you want more information. So while Datera is in the middle of the page, you can click on Hedvig or CTERA to get more on either of them.