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C2 Spring 2022 Leader's notes

Editor’s Letter

Stacie Neall
“A winning effort begins with preparation.” – Joe Gibbs   Welcome to the Spring edition of Connect Converge In this issue of Connect Converge, Ziv Kedem, Zerto Vice President/General Manager, shares the escalating concerns about...
Articles C2 Spring 2022

Managing Complexity in a World Upside Down

Gaye Clemson
In my role as an orchestrator helping cross-functional team leaders enable transformational change, it’s been interesting to reflect on how often the topic of complexity comes up. And yet, when I ask ‘Tell me how...
Articles Artificial Intelligence C2 Spring 2022

AI Adoption in the Enterprise

Frederic Van Haren
Not all enterprises have reached the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) maturity level. The group consisting of large enterprises are the early adopters of the technology....
Articles C2 Spring 2022 Digital Transformation

NuWave Customer Success Story – How RedLink is using LightWave Solutions to integrate and modernize

Gustavo Martinez
Red Link is the biggest transactional switch in Argentina, processing transactions from ATMs and digital wallets. Red Link is owned by a group of public and private banks that service most of Argentina’s population....
Articles C2 Spring 2022 Storage

HPE Enterprise Storage, Encryption, Compliance, and Key Management

Manish Upasani
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is known for its enterprise solutions in the storage ecosystem to effectively store customer data and provide all the mechanisms to protect the data it stores. There are too many attack vectors...
Articles C2 Spring 2022 HPE Ezmeral

Bidtellect reports 4 data management and analytics benefits using HPE Ezmeral

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
–Fast and easy migration to HPE’s data fabric saves money and improves performance, functionality, and security– As is true for many companies that started their big data strategy on Hadoop and have been using it...
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Articles C2 Spring 2022 GDPR

Is Your Covid-19 Vaccination Status Private Anymore?

Sid Dutta
The world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for two years now, and its effects have impacted us widely. Economics, health, relationships—almost every aspect of our lives has changed. We have seen lockdowns, business...
C2 Winter 2021 Editors' Picks

Maximize your cloud experience everywhere

Alexey Gerasimov
I often get asked if people really care about Hybrid Cloud. Of course, customers do. Not only do they care, but it’s also the reality. According to the latest State of the Cloud report from...