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C2 Summer 2020 Cloud Data Security

A Resilient Partnership

Chris Orlando
K2 Insurance Services, is a leading insurance services company, with a specialized portfolio of insurance products. When K2 started to experience significant geographical expansion, it realized that it needed a technology partner that could help...
C2 Summer 2020

The Intelligent Recovery

Darryl Klein
There is one word that defines the sustainable business in 2020 – resilience. In a year shaped by disruption, resilience is the key that unlocks the organization’s ability to grow, thrive and strategize in a...
C2 Summer 2020 Cloud

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Robert Jenkins
Cloud services have emerged as the true heroes in ensuring business continuity and resilience in 2020. It’s the technology that’s allowing for organizations to create flexible working conditions, so that their people can work more...