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Happy New Year to all our customers and partners!

The NonStop business had a strong 2018 and now we’re back working on a new year, full of shiny bright promise and opportunities!

This issue of The Connection Magazine focuses on transformation and transformation may be the theme throughout 2019 with many of our customers updating their data centers to reduce costs, while also exploring the use of new products, new tools and new ways of doing business to gain efficiencies.

We are working on our product portfolios and updates in the delivery plans this year as well as support for NonStop events happening all around the world. From SunTUG coming up in March to eBITUG in Edinburgh, Scotland in May to HPE DISCOVER in Las Vegas in June, our plates are full. Speaking of change, HPE teams in Palo Alto will be moving to a brand new beautiful building in San Jose. The new building has five floors with great views of the valley from every floor and big open floor plans. If you are coming to California for a visit later this year, check in with us before you do so we can help you find us at our new location in the heart of Silicon Valley.

This first 2019 edition of The Connection includes articles representing transformations, included is an article about JC Penney’s migration to a new payment solution from our partner OmniPayments and how OmniPayments came to their rescue in a cost effective way. CSP has also provided an article to remind us all of the constant risks that any data center faces and the need to focus on system hardening to protect your business. While HPE NonStop continues to offer a Hardening Guide for the NonStop system, we are lucky to have strong security partners like CSP who can offer additional security products to allow you to monitor your system in more depth. In another type of transformation, Richard Buckle writes about how Raymond James made a change to use Virtual Tape after relying on physical tapes for many years. A transformation that made a big change for efficiency in recover times, when any data needs to be retrieved from backup.

Also new in this issue of The Connection Magazine, check out a new column from Justin Simonds called “NonStop Trends and Wins”. NonStop Trends and Wins will highlight deals won and customer/partner success stories happening around the world. This is to help let more people know about the types of NonStop solutions and methodologies that are being deployed by our customers and what work was involved to do that. We encourage you to check it out. HPE wishing all our partners and customers the greatest success in 2019!

Karen Copeland
Manager, WW NonStop Product Management
Mission Critical Solutions

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