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Moving from a “Mission Critical” to the “On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time” World

The term “Mission Critical” is a well known and frequently used term. When coined decades ago to describe unique NonStop positioning in the market, it was very effective. However, as with anything that’s been around a while, it’s not the differentiator it was. Further, impact has been diluted with many companies claiming their products support mission critical applications.

As a result, for those unfamiliar with a platform or the underlying technology, how do they decide which is the real deal to best address increasing business needs with the appropriate digital platform and rising User expectations? With this and similar messaging by all vendors, how do IT and Business Executives make the best decisions for business success that respects the growing importance of information services in value creation? From a NonStop perspective, this is a real issue since many influencers and decision makers are not aware of NonStop. It’s also an issue from an enterprise IT perspective since the CIO, CTO, etc. typically have backgrounds with other systems. Because of this, unless there is a clear need to change, the preference is to continue with what they have and who they know – which typically isn’t NonStop. This not only undermines improving business outcomes by the organization not moving increasingly important current information services to NonStop (with the need for 5 9’s or higher availability), it also severely limits NonStop opportunities as a platform for new digital services where very high User availability and system performance is expected.

To get past this, there is a need to change the game – starting with updating the message. This means changing “Mission Critical” to “On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time”. This identifies the market and applications where NonStop is clearly superior and has significant advantages to improve business outcomes. With Enterprise Business Executives focused on increasing relevance and revenue, expanding opportunities, having competitive advantage, etc., there is a need to highlight how NonStop delivers on these objectives, plus reduces business risk. With this, it’s important to indicate that NonStop enables organizations to improve business outcomes with industry leading system availability, scalability and security for current and new information services – while reducing the risks and costs associated with change, the delivery of new capabilities, etc.

These are extremely important objectives – and top of mind for enterprise C-level Executives. Recognizing and providing systems that support these requirements to evolve the organization with on-line, real-time, all-the-time information services is crucial for success – today, and even more so in the future. And because NonStop can uniquely address the needs of very demanding information services, updating the message enables decision makers to better appreciate the NonStop value proposition and positions organizations to get more benefits from NonStop. This is critical to expanding platform opportunities and the future of the NonStop community.

To fast track understanding, there is a need for SLA’s with significant financial penalties for vendors not performing as required in an On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time world.

In the way of insight about what “On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time” means, let’s look at the growing need for enterprises to be better at business innovation – with new products and services. An example of this is organizations increasing their presence in mobile – where success hugely correlates to making it quick and easy for people to engage and realize value. For mobile services that deliver relevant information immediately, intuitively and consistently – it’s a great User experience. In conjunction with User experience and the organization’s ability to deliver the right information at the right time and place, while providing the ability for people to always be connected, creates an opportunity for the business to readily scale and support growth and realize success. Further, with NonStop being the platform with the highest availability and scalability on the planet and a much more secure environment than other platforms – this reduces risk and brand damage triggered by service outages or degraded service levels. Between the upside business opportunities and managing the downside, this is what decision makers are looking for – and what NonStop uniquely delivers.

For additional information on expanding NonStop opportunities and increasing the NonStop profile, please see Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop and

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