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C2 Summer 2020 Data Editors' Picks Mission Critical - C2 Security

Why Backups Have Become Ransomware Targets and How to Prevent Getting Robbed

Cybercrime is on the rise and the current global pandemic has only made it worse. As remote work numbers grew from February to April of this year, so did ransomware attacks. In March 2020, ransomware...
C2 Summer 2020 Cloud Data Security

A Resilient Partnership

Chris Orlando
K2 Insurance Services, is a leading insurance services company, with a specialized portfolio of insurance products. When K2 started to experience significant geographical expansion, it realized that it needed a technology partner that could help...
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Partnering for your success: HPE Mission Critical Solutions strengthens partnerships in 2019

Diana Cortes
Advancing on the journey started a few years ago, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has continued to transform during 2019. This journey has included both spin-offs and acquisitions; the next-Gen IT project – a significant effort to...