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Thomas Gloerfeld is Director Partner Development & Marketing NonStop Solutions at comforte and has been associated with the NonStop community for over 25 years. Before joining comforte, he held various management positions at ACI Worldwide in Germany and the UK. In his role at comforte he manages all aspects of marketing for HPE NonStop solutions and comforte’s NonStop partners. As part of his role, he closely monitors topics such as data security, risk and compliance, as well as digital transformation and connectivity.

‘New Nacha supplementing data security requirements coming up’

Thomas Gloerfeld
Nacha is a non-profit organization that convenes hundreds of diverse organizations to enhance and enable electronic payments and financial data exchange within the U.S. and across geographies. Through the development of rules, standards, governance, education,...

Robust security strategy for your hybrid IT

Thomas Gloerfeld
What Is Hybrid IT? At its most basic level, hybrid IT is a blend of cloud-based and on-premises IT services. When applications and data were all maintained on-premises (or in-house) standardization was a best practise...