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Co-Founder and CEO of UniquID Inc., San Francisco (CA) United States

Half-developer, half growth hacker, he worked since he was a teenager with tech companies and venture-backed startups. In 2015 he moved to San Francisco to found UniquID, a decentralized Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for the Internet of Things. UniquID was on the radar of HPE Italy and recently has become a partner of DXC Technologies Italy for blockchain and IoT.

If Digital Identity is the new perimeter, your IoT platform is in trouble. How Distributed Ledgers might save it?

Stefano Pepe
The traditional network-based security perimeter is obsolete. A pervasive adoption of cloud services by the enterprise, the mushrooming number of personal devices (such as smartphones and wearables, namely BYOD), and the commoditization of mobile apps...