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Sandy leads Marketing Strategy, eCommerce, and SMB Marketing worldwide at HPE. She drives SMB customer analytics and insights efforts to formulate go-to-market strategies and define marketing and communications campaigns to engage with small and midsize business audiences across the globe.

Reinventing the future of work for SMBs

Sandy Ono
At a time when we are all reinventing the way we work, learn how HPE Small Business Solutions can help you reinvent your workplace, your workflow, and your workforce with greater simplicity, security, and flexibility....

HPE Discover 2020 Virtual Experience: Don’t-miss sessions for small and midsized businesses!

Sandy Ono
You’re likely doing many virtual activities now, in addition to balancing work, family, and your new lockdown hobbies. This year, instead of taking place during one week only, HPE Discover Virtual Experience content will be accessible...