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Sandeep is a 15-year veteran of the storage industry with first-hand experience in driving innovation in data storage. He joined HPE from Pure Storage, where he led product marketing from pre-IPO $100M run rate to a public company with greater than $1B in revenue. Prior to Pure, Sandeep led product management & strategy for 3PAR from pre-revenue to greater than $1B in revenue – including four-year tenure at HP post-3PAR acquisition. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from UC, San Diego and an MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. An avid runner with several marathons and ultra-marathons under his belt, he resides in California in the Bay Area with his wife, two daughters, and their family dog.

Rise Above Downtime: 4 Critical Components of AI-Driven Infrastructure Deliver Agility and Uptime

Sandeep Singh
Data-driven companies face a constant battle against downtime, but you can be prepared. Intelligently engineered AI-driven infrastructure lets your IT organization rise above the traditional monitoring tools to deliver the agility and uptime that your...