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Director of Services Delivery

Kevin joined Möbius Partners in 2018.  He manages our team of delivery resources, including project managers, systems analysts and senior solution architects/engineers, as well as an extensive ecosystem of partners that provides our customers with an extensive services portfolio allowing Möbius Partners to meet more of our customers’ needs.  Through his leadership, the company’s services portfolio has grown to further support Möbius Partners’ expansive solution offering in the Infrastructure space, while improving both effectiveness in efficiently delivering projects and overall customer satisfaction with the value-add solutions.  Prior to joining Möbius Partners, he spent 20 years as a senior manager at several Houston based companies rolling out operational efficiencies and solution delivery methodologies enabling these organizations to deliver solutions effectively and support them efficiently.


Möbius Partners Success Story: Improving Cluster Management and System Updates

Kevin D. Hall
Recently Möbius Partners worked with a client who lacked high-performance computing (HPC) cluster manageability tools that resulted in non-standardized operating systems and patching inconsistencies. This customer entrusted our team to provide a solution that would...