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Jeff has technology industry experience in hardware and software engineering, customer sales and support, business planning and product management and marketing, including the last 20 years with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Jeff leads the product management, planning, and engineering teams for the HPC/MCS Group focused on delivering data management, data analytics, and business applications solutions in the Mission Critical Solutions portfolio.
In his time with HPE, Jeff has served in engineering and product management roles, including servers, storage, and networking. He has delivered high availability software solutions on HP-UX and Integrity Servers, Nonstop Solutions, Industry Standard Servers and led the development of scalable, mission critical x86 servers as part of HPE’s memory driven compute initiative.

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Jeff Kyle
If there is one realization enterprises around the world reached last year, it is the fact that digital transformation can’t wait. In responding to the COVID-19 crisis, companies faced starkly different realities based on how...