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Dan Simmons is a Content & Inbound Marketing Specialist at comforte AG and has nearly a decade of experience in the enterprise software market. Before joining comforte he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration while working in BPM Marketing at Software AG. At comforte he researches and writes about enterprise data security topics, in particular cloud security, compliance, and data privacy.

Getting Started with Data-centric Security

Dan Simmons
With a proliferation of cyber-attacks throughout the pandemic, data-centric security has been pushed to the forefront of many organizations’ cybersecurity strategy. Even companies with mature security programs are vulnerable to breach, and since data is...

Mass Move to the Cloud – 3 Essential Tips for Cloud Migration

Dan Simmons
Cloud technology has become indispensable for many organizations, however there are common mistakes and misconceptions that you should be aware of in order to keep your data secure, even as it travels off premises....