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A Note From Connect Leadership

Greetings NonStop Community,

I hope you are all enjoying your springtime. We had a bit of a wet winter in this authors town, but seem to be drying out with sunny days on the horizon. Speaking of sun, the good folks over in Florida just had their annual SUNTUG meeting in Tampa. It was a fun day as always with educational presentations from HPE Partners, as well as Karen Copeland from HPE NonStop Product Management. This authors own SCNUG meeting will be taking place on May 2 in Southern California before the annual European NonStop meeting takes place in Edinburgh May 13-15. Good shows being planned as always.

Your team at Connect has been at work thinking of new ways to keep the conversations going at all these shows going and accessible 24/7. Our most recent addition is our Connect Slack Channel. It gives a virtual space for all those with an interest in NonStop and other HPE technologies to ask questions, give opinions, and just shoot the online breeze with each other. Kind of like our Connect booth at HPE Discover. We hope to see this sense of space gain traction and become an active place for all those in the Community. Please visit our website to link to the channel and start sharing today!

As always, we at Connect aim to serve our members in the most complete way possible. Whether that’s through publications like this to spread knowledge, events that bring people together, or online channels as a place to continue conversations, we are here to provide the sense of place in a sometimes busy HPE technology world. On that note, I hope you find the content of this issue valuable and look forward to hearing from you online or at an event soon!

Navid Khodayari
Connect Worldwide President


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